If you have a small budget, an architect can design your home with affordability in mind. Efficient spatial designs, improve spatial quality, and carefully selected building materials and building methods are just the few ways an architect could bring your dream home to fruition within your budget and save you some money down the track.

Efficient Spatial Design
An architect is the master of spatial arrangement and building design. We understand the spatial requirements for every spaces you asked for, be it the kitchen, sitting area or even a special request of personal library. We will design with human circulation, natural lighting and ventilation in mind to access the spaces efficiently while providing a higher quality spatial experience. For instance, if you spend most of the time doing laundry, we will minimise the travel distance to your laundry area. With efficient spatial design, lesser floor area could achieve more than a standard home and reducing construction cost. If you’ve requested the house to cater for an elderly or user with physical disability, an architect will design the spaces accordingly.

Improve Spatial Quality
Other than careful spatial arrangement, a good architect will ensure your space is well lit with natural light, well ventilated with fresh air (in both naturally and mechanically), and optimising visual cues from both internally and externally. These qualitative improvements will not show its financial benefits immediately. However with time, these spaces will improve your physical and mental health – and ultimately saves you in medical expenses. We will also design the spaces to suit your routine. For instance if you will be spending most of your day in your home office, we will ensure that your home office has exposure to daylight and natural ventilation for your comfort. In cases where natural ventilation is impossible due to various reasons, we will ensure that every space has sufficient air flow with the aid of HVAC system. We will also select the appropriate building materials to ensure it doesn’t contribute to the discomfort of your spaces, forcing you to rely on HVAC and increase your utility bills.

Carefully Selected Building Materials and Its Building Methods
There is a common misconception whereby using cheaper building materials is the most effective way of reducing construction cost. Unfortunately it is not true in a developed country like Australia. The effective way to reduce construction cost is to actually reduce construction time due to high labour cost in Australia. An experienced architect will provide recommendations of different building materials and/or method along with its pros and cons. Different building materials require different building/ installation method and only with experience, the architect is able to explain them to you. Some building materials have lower maintenance cost and could save you money down the road.


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