Types of Fees

There are 3 main types of fees that architects charge their client. We will access the nature of your project and advise the best fees type that suits you the most.

  • Percentage
  • Lump Sum (Fixed Rate)
  • Hourly Rate

While many industries charge a fixed rate, architects normally charge based on a percentage rate. The percentage rate is popular among architects mainly because of total project cost ranges differently despite looking the same to the public. In most occasion, the total project cost dictates the amount of work an architect needs to put in.

You may question the logic of a percentage rate. Why wouldn’t the architect design an expensive design and earn more? An architect doesn’t simply propose a design which doesn’t suit you. Architects will always try to work within a client’s budget and interest.

In some cases where clients will request for changes at a later stage, the architect might impose additional fees on an hourly rate for the amendments required to be made.  This protects the architect for not over-charging, while helps you save money. In short, you get what you paid for.