Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are high-performance composite building panels used in floors, walls and roofs for residential and light commercial buildings. Constructed to form an airtight, energy-efficient building envelope delivered in modular sections.

SIP buildings are extremely airtight and require mechanical ventilation. Ventilation systems bring fresh air into the building envelope in controlled amounts and exhaust moisture laden and stale air to the outside. By limiting air exchanges via controlled ventilation systems, SIP homes allow for all incoming air to be filtered for allergens, and dehumidified, creating better indoor air quality.

You can read more about SIP from Evissa.

Evissa was founded as a partnership between Elena Cazacu – Architect & Passive House Designer and Gareth Owens – Domestic & Commercial Builder and Passive House Certified. The Evissa team is focused on achieving the highest levels of indoor air quality and energy efficiency through Passive House Design and by using Evissa Structural Insulated Panels and Modular Technology.