Last week we talked about the few ways how an architect could save you money with efficient spatial design, improve spatial quality, and carefully selected building materials and building methods. If you’ve missed that, click here to have a quick read.

After the planning phase, you’ll be progressing to the construction phase after obtaining the endorsed plans from a licensed building surveyor. In this stage, many things could go wrong to an untrained person and having an architect by your side will not only ensures construction progresses smoothly but also built quality complies to industry standard.

Construction Administration
Written documents and architectural drawings can only tell a limited amount of information to the builders. Therefore, an architect on site during the construction phase is crucial to ensure your house is being built as intended. Not only does an architect answers any queries from the builder, the architect will also ensures the built quality meets both drawing requirement and industry standard. With an architect on site, your house will be adequately sealed to minimize air leakage, and fitted with appropriate level of insulation for thermal comfort; reducing both running and maintenance cost in the long run. Confirming flashing construction details with an architect prevents water infiltration and other potential issues that could surface years after completion.

Good Design Sells
A well-designed house has a better market value, resale value and a better investment choice than the cookie cutter homes. An architect-designed house has better visual appeal, higher efficiency (both in user circulation and energy), and improved spatial functionality. These could easily increase the property value and market demand of the house. The initial cost to engage an architect to build a custom house could be slightly higher than approaching a builder for a standard house. However, the end result from an architect is always better in many ways. In short, good design sells.

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