• What are your fees?

    We charge on a percentage rate based on the project cost. However, the project cost could be significantly different every stage, hence we will bill according to stages rather than a lump sum. Click here to learn more about fees.

  • How do I choose an architect?

    View through their past projects and design philosophy. Like many businesses, different philosophy could impact the outcome dramatically. Click here to read more about our founder, Chris McSteen’s design philosophy.

  • How are we different from other architecture firms?

    We keep our practice small with a handful of staffs. By keeping the practice small, each staff is well aware of every detail of your project, reducing the risk of miscommunication between internal departments.

  • How/ Where do I start?

    You may download one of our forms to begin with. In there, you may find useful questions to help you decide and prioritise your project. From there you may send us the completed form to chris@mcsteentan.com.au and we can arrange a meeting with you.

  • I would like to renovate my house but I have a dispute with my neighbour. What should I do?

    We would advise you to resolve the dispute with your neighbour to an agreeable terms before commencing any work which could disrupt your neighbour. If mutual terms couldn’t be met, you may consider assistance from VCAT. Visit them here.

  • I have an odd building (ie. barn, pub) in my site. Would you be interested?

    Definitely! The quirkier the better.

  • I like your work but I’m afraid the project I want to do is too large for your firm to handle. Can you recommend someone else?

    Yes, our founder Chris is part of a larger group of architects called Architects Group Australia. It consist of more than 40 architects across Australia and involve in projects of different scale and types. You can learn more about AGA here.

    Ready to engage us? Download our project form and send it to chris@mcsteentan.com.au.